User Agreement

ABIS User Agreement

This Agreement describes the terms of use of ABIS services for ABIS Users. This Agreement will enter into force upon acceptance by the User online, and the User accepts, declares and undertakes that the use of the services within the scope of ABIS (“Service”) is subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and its annexes.


In this ABIS User Agreement;

ABIS: The program that provides the program to display educational content to real people who are USERs by downloading the mobile application or through the website,

USER: A natural person who is a member of ABIS by accepting these ABIS Terms of Use,

SERVICES: Services to be provided within ABIS,

PERSONAL DATA: Any information that makes the person specific or identifiable, such as phone number, e-mail address, received from the User for the purpose of becoming a member of ABIS,

PROCESSING PERSONAL DATA: Obtaining, recording, storing, preserving, changing, rearranging, disclosing, transferring, taking over, making available, of personal data in whole or in part by automatic or non-automatic means provided that it is a part of any data recording system, all kinds of operations carried out on the data, such as the classification or prevention of its use,

MOBILE APPLICATION/APPLICATION/ABIS APPLICATION: ABIS' mobile platform, where users can download from application stores in different mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.), and access ABIS services and their related content and other notifications,

WEBSITE/ABIS WEBSITE: Refers to ABIS's website where they can access ABIS services, their content and other notifications.

When the user uses the methods determined within the scope of ABIS, the personal data required for membership, shopping information, navigation information obtained during the use of the website and mobile application, surveys they participate, location data if the User allows; It is transferred to ABIS and processed by ABIS as a system requirement in order to design and convey user-specific contents, campaigns, tangible and intangible benefits. In order for the User to receive the benefits offered through ABIS and to be informed about these advantages, it is obligatory to transfer and process their personal data to their Suppliers.



In order for the users to benefit from the services and features of ABIS, they must accept these ABIS Terms of Use, by installing the ABIS application on their smart mobile devices with internet access (mobile data communication) or by using the ABIS website, to inform them about the data to be obtained from them and the permissions to use the application. In order to perform these operations, as a rule, ABIS application and smart devices must have wired-wireless and/or mobile data and/or SMS communication turned on. If the user removes the ABIS application from his device or changes his device and the mobile phone given by the user changes, he must reinstall it on his new device by following the same procedures.

The User is obliged to create a user account in order to benefit from the Services. The user is solely and always solely responsible for password and account security.

The user accepts, declares and undertakes that he will benefit from the content within ABIS only in the form of viewing for educational purposes, and that he will not engage in any commercial use, resale, illegal downloading, copying or transfer. This license right and the rights to restrict and prevent the use of the license belong solely and exclusively to ABIS.

The user is responsible for all communication, data and communication expenses incurred during the use of the mobile application. In no case are these fees covered by ABIS.

The USER is responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of not updating these data or giving wrong data, and/or for the termination of the rights acquired by the User until that day. accepts and declares that it is not.

Users may in no way convert, sell or transfer any intangible or tangible benefit to be provided to them. In the event of such a situation, the benefit will be immediately canceled and ABIS may immediately suspend or terminate the membership if it wishes.

The loss or theft of the smart device by the User after the subscription may cause the termination of various rights and/or opportunities acquired by the User until that day. In this case, ABIS cannot be held responsible for any damages of the User.

The terms of ABIS can be changed and discontinued by the operating Firm.

Membership to ABIS is reserved for the User, third parties