About Us

Al Beruniy International School (ABIS) is a technology-driven online school that provides affordable online education to every student all around the world regardless of their location. ABIS aims redefining the schooling experience by creating a community of students united by a strive to learn. Our goal is to implement a progressive 21st-century educational paradigm to foster an innovative and supportive learning environment for our students. Our team is excellent educators who employ a cutting-edge, motivating, and paradigm-shifting approach to learning. All teachers have received training in online education and is capable of utilizing effective and relevant online teaching strategies.

ABIS offers easy access to quality live and recorded lessons from anywhere in the world. The trainers that deliver the lessons are properly qualified and experienced, and the lessons are optimized for the online environment. We bring lessons to life and raise students' interest in learning new topics when a tried-and-true teaching approach is combined with creative delivery. Our school is built to fit around the lifestyles of our students, giving them a competitive advantage over traditional mainstream education. Small classes, interactive lessons, and a busy extracurricular calendar are just a few of the features. The school prepares students for the future's virtual global workplaces through an interactive, personalized learning experience.